Kata DSLR+Laptop Bag on Sale

I definitely check dealmac.com way too much, but it finally paid off (well, yes and no—their motto “How to go broke saving money” is entirely too accurate). Today I found the holy grail: A product I’ve been looking for, one sale, with free shipping.

This Kata bag is everything I’ve been looking for in a messenger/carry-on type bag. A laptop compartment, a DSLR compartment (bonus points for being removable!), and a mess of other features. It’s on sale today for $30 with free shipping from Adorama. They’re good folks with great customer support, so jump on the deal while you can. I already own a big Kata video bag (more like a chest), and really appreciate their well thought-out designs.

I’ll get a review up as soon as this bad boy arrives!

Source: Adorama.com