My name is Bryant Naro. I’ve worked on feature films and documentaries, music videos, live events, commercials, and television shows. I have a knack for technology, and a passion for cinematography.

Between 2009 and 2013, I worked as an Apprentice Editor and Sound Assistant for Ken Burns’ documentary production company, Florentine Films. Over the course of the four-year production, I also acted as Additional Cinematographer, Additional Editor, and Gaffer.

Now I work full time freelance as a Cinematographer/Camera Operator. If I'm not behind a camera, I'm behind a whole bunch of monitors, working in post-production. I work with all the major NLEs (Avid/Premiere/FCP), and use DaVinci Resolve for color correction.

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“Deluka Live” [Website] [Watch]

May 2011 – Live performance for MTV. Position: Cinematographer

“A Better Chance” [Watch]

August - November 2012 – Feature Documentary about the ABC program at Dartmouth College. Position: Cinematographer


November 2010 – Feature Film, Independent Psychological Thriller. Position: Director of Photography

“Last Haul” [Watch]

June 2010 – Sci-fi Short Film. Position: Director of Photography

“The Pond” [website] [IMDB]

August 2009 – Short Film, starring Alicia Witt and David Morse. Position: Best Boy Electric

“The Mulberry Tree” [website] [IMDB]

June 2009 – Feature Film starring Joe Morton. Position: 2nd Camera Assistant

“Michael J Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist”

Feb 2009 – ABC Documentary. Position: 3rd Electric / Pre-Rigging (NYU Tisch Student Interviews)


November 2013 – Short film. Position: Director of Photography, RED Scarlet.

"Pumpkin Wars” [IMDB] [Watch]

October 2012 – HGTV show featuring The Property Brothers. Position: Director of Photography, Canon 5DMKIII.

"Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling” [Watch]

August 2013 – Comedy series. Position: Camera Operator, Sony EX3 with Fuji lens.

"Wired” [Website]

August 2013 – Short action film. Position: Director of Photography, Canon C300.

"Heart of the Matter” [Watch] [Website]

May 2013 – Position: Cinematographer, Sony FS100 & Canon 5DMKIII.

"The Address” [Website]

May 2013 – Feature Length Documentary, directed by Ken Burns. Position: Cinematographer, Sony FS100.

"Wander My Friends” [Website]

August 2012 – Feature Length indie comedy. Position: Director of Photography, Sony FS100.

“Daisy Suckley's Diaries” [website]

June 2012 – DVD Extra for The Roosevelts series about Geoff Ward interpreting the diaries of Daisy Suckley, uncovering the relationship between her and Franklin Roosevelt. Position: Director of Photography

“The Roosevelts” [website]

June 2009 / 2012 – A 7 part Documentary series following the lives of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Position: Apprentice Editor / Sound Assistant

“Franklin's Freedom” [website]

March 2013 – DVD Extra for The Roosevelts series. Position: Editor

“Slip and Fall”

April 2009 – Feature Film. Position: 3rd Electric

“Mystery Team” [website] [IMDB]

May 2008 – Feature Film, Sundance Film Festival Premiere. Position: Third Electric