Last Haul Trailer

The Trailer

Here’s a trailer for Last Haul, a short sci-fi film I shot a while ago. My girlfriend and go-to editor Meagan Frappiea cut it together yesterday, and I did a quick color correction in DaVinci Resolve (lite). Adam Wilkins made the awesome title (I ran it through After Effects to give depth to the slow push in). Music by Mr.Trent Reznor.

We’re finally finishing this weekend (audio mixing and ‘onlining’ with my color corrections from DaVinci), so we should have the whole film available soon. It’s very exciting to see this project finally come together—it’s a script my friends wrote, and I’m very proud of all the hard work that went in to it.

Working With DaVinci

It turns out that going from FCP to DaVinci and back again is really, really simple! You export an XML from FCP7 (or FCPX), import that into DaVinci and add the correct footage to the media pool. Then after all the corrections, you render out the media (and put it on your FCP system). To get an updated XML, you simply click on the ‘conform’ tab in DaVinci, then hit the export button to output an FCP XML. Importing back into FCP was as easy as “File -> Import XML” (I think? Not 100% on the menu system—we’re all Avid in this house, unfortunately). Anyway, there are much better tutorials out there, I just wanted to speak about the simplicity of working with DaVinci, which is just such a powerful and free application (lite, of course).

Blackmagic sure is making strides in the production world these days (all their I/O, DaVinci, and of course the very popular Blackmagic Cinema Camera). I’m not sure if this is their marketing plan, but because I’m familiar with the free version of DaVinci, any high-end work I ever get (my dream) where the project would require a 2K or 4K color corrected output, I absolutely would purchase the full version of DaVinci Resolve (for $1000, which is a bargain).