Free 3GB Upgrade For Your Dropbox Account

The title sounds spammy, but trust me, it’s not. In a move to strike at Google’s GDrive news, Dropbox is giving anyone using their camera upload utility a free, permanent 500MB upgrade to an account. Then if you continue to upload using their utility, you can get up to 3GB of additional storage for free on your account.

To have this work out, you need to:

  1. Download the latest Mac or Windows Dropbox software (unless you’re using an Android phone for the upload, then you’re all set).
  2. Plug your camera into your computer and let Dropbox do its magic.

I bring my camera to work, so I just rolled 3 gigs worth of video (you could take a bunch of raw photos in bursts, but I wouldn’t waste a shutter count on this) then popped the card into my MacBook Pro. The Dropbox software noticed it immediately, and began pulling it into the Dropbox folder on my system. Now to wait for 3GB to upload on this slow connection…

I use Dropbox as an easy sharing utility for clients and friends (who don’t have the time to understand how an FTP works). What I like best about Dropbox is sending media. I had to show a scene to our head editor last month, who was in Santa Fe. I exported from Avid, compressed the file a bit, then dropped it in my Dropbox folder. After it was done, I right-clicked, copied the link, and then emailed it. The best part is that the file could be viewed right in the browser…very helpful for getting data to folks that might not understand computers too well.