Canon 5DMK3 Thoughts: Resolution

I had to pause color correcting the seemingly endless amounts of photos I took at PAX East this year to make this post, because I’m just too excited to let it go. I’ve had my Canon 5DMK3 for about two weeks now, and the short story is, I absolutely love it. My plans are a longer video review, but for now here’s a quick thought.

One aspect of this camera that I’ve been blown away by is the resolution. The level of detail produced by this big 22MB sensor is astounding. Here’s a quick example:

1:1 – Here’s the photo fit to the frame

1:2 – Pushing in some more, we can see everything remains pretty sharp, and the text becomes more legible.

2:1 – Now we’re really pushing the boundaries of the resolution, but it’s pretty remarkable that any of that text is legible.

This photo was shot in a less-than-optimal setting, so I’d imagine the detail would be finer in better light. I find myself analyzing lots of shots for tiny detail, just to see the freak show that is this cameras resolution detail. It makes for very liberal crops, and I’m assuming some really nice prints (once I get the funds, this will be my next test).

Anyway, back to corrections—PAX was a blast!